We’ll Get Your Labels Right

Risks of Improper Labeling

Labeling regulations exist to ensure that consumers know what they are buying. After the outlays of passion, time and money it takes to develop a product, you don’t want the launch to fail due to improper labeling. Avoid these mistakes with a compliance review and don’t treat your labels as an afterthought.

Regulatory Enforcement Action

Improperly labeled products may be deemed misbranded or adulterated and subject to regulatory agency action, including recall or market withdrawal.

Loss of Consumer Trust

Changing your labeling due to compliance problems after establishing your product in the marketplace can squander the consumer confidence you built up.

Costly Labeling Errors

FDA ordered a growing food company to destroy over $10,000.00 in labels due to noncompliant wording after the company tried to save money by printing a large number of new labels.

Wasted Time & Money

A startup spent thousands of dollars to obtain a trademark on the company's preferred name. Unfortunately, the name violates FDA regulations. They have a costly trademark they cannot use.

Closed Markets

It is becoming common for retailers to reject new products due to improper labeling. Have your labels reviewed for compliance to readily get your product on the shelf.

Product Areas

Every Product Within the U.S. Must Include:

  • Statement of Identity (What is it?)
  • Net quantity of contents (How much is in the package?)
  • Signature line or name and place of business of the US manufacturer, packer or distributor (Who should be contacted if something goes wrong?)


In addition, FDA-regulated products also need:

  • Ingredient list (What is it made of?)
  • Facts box (What is the nutritional or medicinal value of the product?)

Don’t treat your labels as an afterthought.

Whether you market food, supplements, cosmetics, pet food, devices or drugs,
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