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Additional Resources

Information for All FDA-regulated Industries

FDA Basics

FDA Compliance Simplified Blog

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide

Structure Function Claims

Guidance on Dietary Supplement Claim Substantiation

Guidance Document on Adverse Event Reporting

MedWatch Form 3500A with instructions

Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Cosmetic Industry Guidance

Is it a cosmetic, a drug or both?

Food Functional Food and Beverage Products

FDA Food Homepage (formerly CFSAN)

USDA Labeling Regulations

Guidance on Health Claims

Search the Code of Federal Regulations on FDA-regulated Food and Drugs

Search the Code of Federal Regulations on USDA-regulated Industries

FDA Food Labeling and Nutrition Information

USDA Labeling Information

Regulations on Food and Beverage Processing

Food Safety Modernization Act

Reportable Food Registry

Pet Foods (including wild bird seed)

Overview of Pet Food Regulations

Food Safety Modernization Act Requirements

FDA Registration of Pet Food Facilities

State Pet Food Registration Requirements

State Pet Food Registration Services

The Business of Pet Food

Organic Products

Organic Standards

Organic Labeling Information

Wine, Distilled Spirits and Beer Labeling

Labeling of Certain Beers Subject to the Labeling Jurisdiction of the FDA

Malt Beverage Labeling (PDF)

Distilled Spirits Labeling (PDF)

Wine Labeling


FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Information for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Drug Registration and Listing

Regulation of Nonprescription Products

Is it a cosmetic, a drug or both?

Medical Devices

Medical Device Regulatory Information

Online learning about Medical Devices


Importing Products into the United States

Importing Food Products into the United States

Importing Cosmetics into the United States

Restaurant Menu Labeling

Labeling guide for Restaurants – Part 1

Labeling guide for Restaurants – Part 2

Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items


Generally Recognized as Safe

New Dietary Ingredient Notification

Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients

Color Additives Permitted in Cosmetics

Claims and Claim Certification

The Federal Trade Commission on Advertising and Marketing

Gluten Free Labeling

Organic Standards and Labeling

Guidance on Dietary Supplement Claim Substantiation

Facility Registration

Food Facility Registration

Food Processing Registration

Cosmetic Facility Registration

Medical Device Facility Registration

Drug Facility Registration

Tobacco Industry

FDA Tobacco Product Page

FDA Enforcement Actions

FDA Warning Letter Database


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