Happy 2019 & Year-End News from 2018

Happy New Year!!!

As we step into 2019 we need to take a brief look back at the last week or so of 2018 to review rule makings published by FDA and USDA.

On December 21st USDA published their final rule on bioengineered food disclosure labeling; what consumers think of as GMO labeling. The rule may be a disappointment to many.  See our discussion here.

Also on December 21, 2018 FDA published technical amendments  to the 2016 food labeling regulations.  These amendments do not change to intent of the rules but correct various errors in the final rule.  For example, entire sections of 21 CFR 101.9 regarding declaration of trans fats as well as mono- and poly-unsaturated fats that were inadvertently omitted are being added back. The amendments also made various corrections to sample nutrition and supplement facts boxes that FDA published with the 2016 rule.  Unfortunately, due to the current government shutdown the changes are not yet available in the electronic Code of Federal Regulations and will not be updated in the version of the CFR on FDA’s website until April.  We will update links to the revised regulations in the web-version of this post once they become available.

Late in 2018 Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill.  While the bill legalized regulated hemp production, it did not legalize the use of CBD or THC in FDA-regulated products that are not approved drugs.  It is still illegal to add CD or THC to foods, dietary supplements, pet food/treats, or cosmetics.

So many new things to end 2018!  No doubt we can be sure that updates and changes will continue into 2019.  We hope that the new year will be one of joys and successes for you.  We’d love to help you along the way.


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